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NOSA i.e.Nazareth Old StudentsAssociation the brain child of late Sr.Eugenia SCN was founded in Dec.1972 and inaugurated by Sr.Charles Mariam who was on a formal visit to India.It was also the silver jubilee occasion of the arrival of the Sisters of Charity in India.Sr Eugenia was always engaged in works of charity with the help of her ex_students, their parents and others.She showed a keen interest in meeting old students and ensured that NOSA was kept alive through Annual General Body meeting and other events through NOSA.After her sad demise in 2003 NOSA was not fully active. NOSA was revived in 2007.Ever since then NOSA has taken firm steps to come alive once again.Under the constant and meticulous guidance of Sr.Anne Marie the Chief Patron of NOSA and the principals of Nazareth Academy-. Patrons of NOSA,we have really grown. NOSA is engaged in many types of social welfare projects like organising fund raising prog.,flood relief prog.,eye check up and dental check - up camps, arranging scholarships for meritorious Nazareth Academy students,helping the financially weak non formal students of Nazareth Academy with school items like stationary goods,school bags etc.,visit to Gaya Remand Home, wheel chair donation,distribution of blankets,felicitation of teachers,tailoring training classes imparted to girls of naxalite hit belt,fogging in villages,traffic safety awareness prog.A major accomplishment of NOSA after its revival was the founding of Sr.Eugenia Memorial Charitable Trust under the aegis of NOSA in 2010.This charitable trust is supported by our own NOSA members here in India and abroad. It will benefit the less privileged section of our society who will be its beneficiaries.We are deeply grateful to all our friends in the NOSA family who have generously contributed to this growing Corpus Fund.

During the last seven years NOSA Delhi Chapter and NOSA Mumbai Chapter have been established with the help of our own alumni.Much more is still to be done.All of us have been touched by the Nazareth Vision.All the sisters and teachers through their dedicated and committed efforts have inculcated in us the gem of values like honesty, sincerity,compassion, dedication,integrity......... NOSA needs each one of you and calls upon all the Nazarites to join hands to kindle the flame of our lmbibed culture,spread the light of happiness and peace and share our gifts and resources with others.